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Jim Guld

A lyric from an old Dead song says it all. What a long, strange trip it's been.

I think back to 1970 in high school when the guidance counselor asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. He thought I was out of my mind when I told him I planned on being computer network administrator for small companies. There was no such job.


Maybe a time-line will help.

1978- My first computer, a TRS-80 Model 1.

1981- Computer number two, TRS-80 Model III.

First modem and CompuServe

1985- First DOS Computer.

1987- Obtained Associates Degree in Electronics Technology

1987- 1993 Working for CPW building, installing, networking.

1993- 1996 Computer Savvy Network Administrator

1997- Cybergate ISP Network Administrator

1997- 2000 Network Administrator for Miller Construction

2000- Present Guld Systems, Inc. Computer Consulting and Network Administration.
2004 - (living in RV) contract work with Coach Connect to support Wi-Fi in RV parks


The history of computing and the story of how the Internet came to be are fascinating subjects to Chris and me. Follow these excellent links to explore all the history at your leisure.


HOBBES' INTERNET TIMELINE gives a brief history of Internet milestones from 1957 to present.




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